Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Content is king. Webinars, webcasts and podcasts speak to customers and prospects. Repurpose them into additional content such as podcasts, blogs, white papers, case studies, and more, generating free inbound marketing leads. Grow your search engine optimization. Establish your trust and credibility with prospects. They are extremely effective, and affordable, lead generation.
Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

Does your business rely heavily upon repeat business? Do you have a distributed workforce that needs training? What if you could reach out to them on a regular, recurring basis? Would they feel connected, and be your champion? Engage these people online. Best of all, the content is archived for future reference and consumption so your overall cost of training reduces over time.
Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Are you known by the company you keep? Is “Word of Mouth” an effective tool in developing your business? With webinars and webcasts, you have the ability to speak on hot and trending topics, to co-present with high-value brands and individuals, speak to hot topics, and watch your brand, quotability and thought leadership dramatically increase as a result.

  • Turnkey implementation. No surprises. [+]
    We do all of the heavy lifting. You provide the lists. Together we'll define the target audiences and identify any high-value co-presenters. We will develop the promotional graphics, email invites, and registration and landing pages. We will co-develop the presentation with you using our proven audience engagement tactics. We'll schedule and host both the rehearsal and the live event. Afterwards, we send post-event emails to those registrants who did, and did not, attend the event along with a link to the event archive. We do all post-event video editing and production and provide you the finished files. Each event lasts no more than sixty minutes in duration, and we do all of this for as little as $995.
  • Professionally produced and recorded. [+]
    Using the latest in video editing capabilities, combined with professional-grade recording instruments and enterprise-calibre event hosting services, we ensure your live event is both polished and impressive. Beyond that, our post-event production provides you with broadcast quality video archives ensuring your events continue to drive client and prospect engagement for years to come.

    We can also produce additional digital versions of your content including podcasts, promotional trailers, voiceovers, etc.
  • Moderated hosting and facilitation [+]
    We provide the hosts to manage and moderate your live event. This allows you to focus on the discussion. You won't have to worry about managing the associated technology, or ensuring you stay on time, or responding to interruptions from the audience. Our Hosts ensure everything goes off on time, on topic, and on message.
  • Standard processes and best practices. [+]
    Hosting your own webinar or webcast isn't hard. Doing it well, and getting a return on your investment, is. Our years of producing live broadcasts has resulted in a standard, repeatable, scheduled set of processes that ensures your success and minimizes unanticipated disruptions. Further, our best practices result in you, and your co-presenters, always feeling in control and prepared for event.
  • Promotion planning and execution. [+]
    It's not easy getting the attention of your target audience. With all of the distractions presented to us daily, it's becoming harder and harder to have them hear our message. That's where we can help. We have the tools, the people, and the talent to identify your target audience, develop their contact information, and engage them directly on their preferred method of communication. Whether it's social media, email, online or offline, we help you recruit and attract the right audience for your event.

Featured Clients

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Hear why Eric Hollebone, the Director of Marketing and Recruitment at Algonquin college chose Talking Bluntly for their webinar needs and see how Talking Bluntly’s streamlined process improves content and creates value.
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Michael Burch, Managing Partner for Welch LLP, talks about how the right moderator and partner is essential for being able to create an effective marketing approach and why Talking Bluntly was the right choice for his company.

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